Tuesday, February 8, 2011

superbowl weekend

I feel fully recovered from my "flu" incident last week. I'm back on track with P90X, and it's time to start eating big again.

Last weekend was a fun weekend. Friday was casual, nothing to note. On Saturday, Ashley, Ray, and Marisa were in town so we went to Torchy's Tacos, and attempted to go to a Longhorn basketball game. Due to poor planning, we didn't attempt to buy tickets until right before gametime, and it had sold out by then. Oddly, Austin (who was at the game) said that there were a lot of empty seats still. Instead, we went bowling and hung out. I went home and the girls had a girls night.

Sunday was Superbowl Sunday! How... exciting? No, I wasn't that excited because I didn't care much about either team. I decided to root for the Packers because it'd make things more interesting at the house. Both my roommates are Steelers fans, so why not add some tension? I had told people to come over and bring food to grill, and I must say that everything turned out pretty successfully. We had some people over, cooked various foods, drank beer, and enjoyed the Superbowl. It was a pretty close game, but not that exciting; both teams' offenses played poorly.

Since that's all I have to talk about, here are my favorite Superbowl commercials:

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