Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Wow, it's been 10 days since my last update. That's my bad.

So what's happened since then? Probably not all that much. We lost our first kickball game last Wednesday, which was definitely a tough loss. Without getting into too much detail, because it will piss me off, let's just say that it was a combination of us not playing well and some occasional crappy reffing. We're still playoff bound at this rate though, so we just gotta keep truckin' through these games.

Travis also finished law school last week. That really has nothing to do with me, but it's quite an accomplishment. He studied more during his law school years that I have in my entire life. He graduates Saturday, May 22nd.

Not only did I get tickets to the Lost series finale at the Drafthouse, but I also made me and Taylor some super swanky Lost shirts. Now we can show off our Longhorn pride and our Lost love, simultaneously. Okay I'm probably way more obsessed than she is, but she agreed to wear the shirt, too! For those of you who don't get it (go watch Lost you losers), it is a Dharma Initiative logo.

The weekend was good, no complaints. I went out to Marisa's friend's birthday party on Friday, and force-socialized since I knew 1% of the attendees. Marisa got excessively drunk, surprise. Saturday and Sunday was mostly relaxing. I was planning on going to my mom's for Mother's Day, but she wasn't well so I spent the day taking care of errands and cleaning up.

I made some hamburgers yesterday, which I was excited about because I was planning on making them delicious. My plan failed however, and they were overcooked and dry. That's okay, next time they will be much better since I know how long to cook them for now. I watched some Dark Knight with Taylor, and then went to bed.

Today is Taylor's 23rd birthday, so make sure you wish her a happy birthday! I gotta get through work, and then afterwards we're going to Salt Lick for some delicious barbecue to celebrate. And you better believe that regardless of what time we get back, I will be watching tonight's Lost!