Monday, February 28, 2011

your attention please

I have a big announcement - I am done with P90X. Actually, I have one more day, today, but I can't do it because my knee is still a bit hurt from flag football. So screw it, I'm skipping it and I'm calling it. Technically I'm fine because I actually repeated a week somewhere in the middle, so I'm over 90 days.

Was it worth it? Depends on what you consider worthwhile. By the third month, I was never looking forward to doing it. Working out every single day, for someone like me who doesn't ever "enjoy" working out, started to become a real pain in my ass. Not to mention that the workouts are fairly intense, so by month three my will power was getting pushed to the extreme. I won't be doing it again, that's for sure. I did get some results, although mostly in fitness and not in physique. I gained about 8-10 lbs but I still could use another 15 or so.

At this point, I can really only recommend P90X to those who a) want a true test of endurance and willpower, and b) actually enjoy working out. If you don't enjoy working out, then you're really going to hate P90X by the end, like I did. However, if you are interested, I have pretty much everything you would need to get started, including a pull-up bar, adjustable dumbbells, and a yoga mat.

I'll be taking my fitness test tonight to see what kind of improvements I've made in the past 3 months. I expect solid increases in most areas, but in a couple, like wall squats, probably only minimal improvements.

Last Friday, we played our semi-weekly game of flag football. It was a hard-fought game, and both Andy and I were on our A-game. We had our first semi-serious injury. It didn't end up being a broken bone, but it sure as hell looked like it. I'm not sure what happened, but a hand ended up ramming into someone, and his finger was no longer pointing in the correct direction. Needless to say, it was gross. The update today is that it was simply dislocated.

Friday night, I went to a friend's house-warming party. It ended up being more fun than I expected, but mostly because me and Justin had a heroic and undefeated beer pong run. There was one particularly stellar moment in one game where we started off with the lead, then quickly fell behind. It looked like we were doomed when we made a sudden comeback, and sealed the game by both making it into the same cup at the last moment. It was epic, but probably only for us.

On Saturday, I can't remember doing much. I got a haircut, and played a solid amount of Left 4 Dead 2.

On Sunday, Taylor and I went to Torchy's for breakfast tacos, then Opal Divine's for some yummy Bloody Mary's and lunch. Afterwards, we walked around Fry's for fun. We heard that Borders is closing (not all of them though, like I had thought), so we hopped over there and I ended up buying $50's worth in books, all of which were 20% off. I got some classics and otherwise, including Catcher In The Rye, Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (recommended by my dad, but also not recommended by Kelcey — guess I'll find out!), The Godfather (hardcover for only $6!), and the first four installments of The Dark Tower series by Stephen King. I'm looking forward to reading them all, but at the same time I still don't make enough time to read. I've been on my current book for 4 months now, and I've only read half.

After browsing stores, we went to the Drafthouse to watch the animated short films that were nominated for an Oscar. I liked about half of them, but the other half I just couldn't get into. They didn't impress me visually or with the story and plot. Not sure why a couple of them were nominated, when pitted against the competition.

Afterwards, we went home and I did a combination of watch the Oscars while playing some Left 4 Dead 2.

Whew, a long post!