Thursday, February 17, 2011

the weekend of looooooove

Okay so, not really. Taylor and I had a brief conversation about a month ago about Valentine's Day plans. We mutually decided that neither of us cared to do anything, because we didn't really believe in this kind of holiday. Valentine's Day, to me, is pretty fake. Does it really mean anything when someone is pretty much obligated to take you out to dinner and get you nice things? Not in our opinions. Therefore our Valentine's Day plans consisted of basically nothing. On the actual day, we went to Freebird's and watched Always Sunny. We're so romantic!

What else happened last weekend? Justin and I had a random thought to go play disc golf at one of the two courses within a few miles of us. We randomly selected the one at Parmer/McNeil. I can't tell if that was the best or worst decision of our lives. The course was buried in the middle of trees, dense shrubbery, and tons of cacti. There was also a posted warning about poison ivy, but luckily we did not encounter any. It was only a 9 hole course, and we somehow couldn't find one of them. The holes were all about 100-150 feet and narrow, so anything but accurate throws would be off in some cacti — sweet! Overall, the course was pretty miserable in terms of comfort and convenience. However — and I don't speak for both of us — I thought the course was fun. The "adventure" of grabbing a big stick and fishing out your disc after every other throw was enjoyable in a masochistic, 8-year-old-boy-looking-for-trouble kind of way. I do recommend wearing long sleeves and pants, though. Otherwise you'll be in for a long day of pricks and thorns. I had pants on and I still managed to get cacti thorns in my leg. Luckily, Justin had his swiss-army knife and busted out the tweezers. Up next: Wells Branch disc golf course.

Aside from above, I can't remember anything else going on. Another weekend of hanging out and going with the flow.

By the way, it took two days for me to get my work computer back, despite their estimate of "a couple hours." What a dumb week at work this turned out to be.