Thursday, January 13, 2011


Not a whole lot going on these days, aside from the usual work. The good news is that work is picking up for me right now. I'm doing stuff that I enjoy doing, and it's making my days go by really fast. Also, speaking of work, I found out that there are 19 openings in the new line of business for which I applied. Unfortunately, only a few (my estimation) are the position that I applied for, and only one or two of those will be in Austin. My chances of scoring that job are diminishing. However, they're interviewing in mid-February so if anything I'll know by then. No big deal if I don't get that job, I was probably over-idealizing it anyways.

I played disc golf for the first time this past weekend. I played at Mary Moore Searight park with a couple of my coworkers and their friend. It was fun and I definitely want to play again. Next time Taylor has the weekend off I'm going to get a group together to hit one of the disc golf courses. It's a fun and free way to waste a couple hours of time outside.


Doesn't look like I have much else to talk about. Luckily, I have the power of never shutting up. As I'm sure you've heard (if you haven't you need to get out from under your rock), there was a shooting in Arizona, critically injuring a congresswoman and several others, and sadly killing innocent lives. That's not exactly what my topic is about, however.

My topic is about how reactionary everything is in our society. No matter what incident might have happened, our society feels the need to take a course of action to "correct" or "prevent" future occurrences. For example, in this shooting in Arizona, we are likely going to spawn off endless gun control debates. Also, speaking of the shooter, have you noticed that not one media member has deemed him a "terrorist"? Change his skin color to a particularly shade of dark, and change nothing else, and all you'll be hearing about is terrorism, what connections he might have had to Al Qaeda, etc. Sad state of affairs.

Sorry, I went off on a tangent in my tangent. Let's take another example: shoe bomber. In fact, the whole construct of the TSA is a perfect example of reactionary actions designed to help, but don't actually do anything. Now we have to take off our shoes. Great, because that was really necessary.

I feel like I'm not making a strong enough point, but think about it. Everything that happens, usually bad, requires some sort of reaction in order to satiate people. One person can ruin the way things are for everyone else. We have one mad man going around shooting people and now there will be debates on gun control, enacted laws, more security for congress members when none of that is probably necessary. When we have bad things like this happen, sometimes the best action is just to move on. If we continuously have these knee-jerk reactions we're going to be building up this huge fort with no foundation (I just made up a nonsensical analogy).

Sorry for this barely coherent ramble, but I needed to make this blog longer. Besides, I told you to skip it earlier, didn't I?