Tuesday, May 18, 2010

state of affairs

Well, well, well - what's new the past few days? Turns out I'm a pretty big man. No, not really, but I'll get to that.

We had a three day weekend this past weekend, and it was needed. I can't remember anything amazing happening Thursday, we likely just hung around. Friday was a rather lazy day for me, as well. Friday night rolls around and we went to see Conan at Austin Music Hall. Our seats were both expectedly and unexpectedly crappy. I expected them to be bad, but I didn't expect to not really be able to see the stage. The opening act was pretty hilarious, I thought - Reggie Watts. He was basically a comedy musician, but also had some little monologues in between songs where he just ranted about some really inane stuff that was funny. It was a great kick-start to the show. Conan was funny as always; he seems like a really genuine person. I don't know how that relates to comedy, but I still feel bad about him losing his show. It's okay, I suppose, because he walked away with over $30 million. He had Andy Richter with him as well as the "Legally Prohibited" band. We had little prerecorded bits of Triumph that were funny, as well as a cameo of the Masturbating Bear Self-Pleasuring Panda. Other good stuff, too, but I'm tired of recapping..

Saturday, I downloaded Final Fantasy VII onto my PS3. Yes that's right, I'm replaying the world's greatest game from the 90's. Don't be a hater. Yes, I'm talking to you. Saturday night we went to Weirdo's and hung out there for a bit. It's a cool place, and better yet, it's really close. They have sand volleyball, washers, and they look like they have some more outdoor activities coming soon, like a skate park. We went back to the house and played poker. I did not do well.

Sunday was errand day. Taylor and I went to Lowe's to get her some flowers for her balcony, and we put those up. I think there's some trick to getting those little flowers out of those plastic pots they come in, because the way we were doing it was probably wrong. We had to get scissors and cut the crap out of it, then carefully pry the flowers out. There has to be an easier way, right? Next we went to the car wash to wash our cars, shampoo the seats, vacuum, etc. FYI, the Palms car wash on Parmer has free vacuums! Throw Bark 'n' Purr and some other places in the mix, as well. Battlestar Galactica to wrap up the night.

Not much to say about most of Monday. Work was fine. We were planning on hitting up trivia night at Shangri-La, but that ended up falling through. We got there, but the trivia was outdoors and it was about to storm. On top of that, we had too many participants for a team, so Taylor and I just went back home. Right before we got onto Mopac from 183, her car started making some strange sound, like something got caught under her car. Well, turns out it was just a flat. Did I mention that it was pouring by this point? So we pulled over on the side of 183 and I proceeded to change her flat tire over the course of 20 mins, in the pouring rain. Honestly I didn't mind, and I was a bit proud of myself. It was a fun little adventure, and definitely something to spice up the day. Shame about the tire though; upon further inspection, the sidewall had burst open.

Tonight is the penultimate episode of Lost! Tomorrow is kickball. Thursday, Taylor may go to an adult spelling bee (don't worry, beer will be served!). Friday is unknown as of yet. Saturday is Travis's graduation and subsequent celebration. Sunday is Lost trivia and Lost finale @ the drafthouse!