Tuesday, January 18, 2011

fruit for the masses

Lately, I've been eating way more fruit than I normally do. It's only been the past week or so, but still, it's something of note. I partially blame Andy for forcing clementines in my face all the time, but I suppose I should be grateful. In fact, today I've had two clementines, one banana, and one apple (granny apple sliced up and dipped into peanut butter — yum!) and I haven't even left work, yet! I rule. Food pyramid domination.

In other news, I have made the executive decision to repeat week 7 of P90X. Yes, that means when I'm finished I'll have technically done P97X. I had taken about 10-12 days off earlier this month because of a cold I had caught. This week I've been having to play catchup and I have strangely noticed some slight performance decreases in some areas. I decided that I wasn't happy with this week's results so I'm going to repeat the week before I move on to my recovery week.

Feeling down about it only being Tuesday? Sad that your weekend has not just begun like some other people (cough, Taylor)? Learn to like everything! Problem solved.