Wednesday, July 7, 2010

on the twelfth day of brisket...

It is worth noting that, since last Tuesday, June 29th, this is my brisket intake:

  • June 29 - Rudy's BBQ
  • July 3 - HEB precooked brisket (6.5 lbs in total)
  • July 4 - leftover brisket
  • July 5 - leftover brisket
  • July 6 - leftover brisket
  • July 7 - Rudy's BBQ again
I will likely have another Rudy's meal today, before kickball, and there is probably still some leftover HEB brisket which has another solid day before going into the trashcan.

Somehow I'm still not disgusted.

some links, from me to you

Remember when I used to share links?  Here you go:

hahah - just a funny little comic-style narration about a girl and her dumb dog