Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Man oh man

Writing these blog entries can be kind of a chore sometimes. That's the price you pay for becoming a world-famous blog writer, right?

Last week was good, mostly because I can't remember anything. Since I can't remember anything bad, I'll assume it was good. Friday morning I went with Andy to the skate park to take some pictures. Not only have I not used my camera in a long time, but it's hard to take pictures of live action. Trying to focus on him while he's skating around doing tricks was sometimes an exercise in futility. Luckily, I remembered that a high aperture yields me a much bigger depth of field, which helps remedy that situation a bit.

Here are some of Andy's favorites, but check the links above for the full album:

Friday night, we went to see Daniel Tosh, who does live stand-up comedy. He and his two openers were both funnier than I expected. It was also the first time I've seen stand-up live. All-in-all, it was a good night.

On Saturday, we watched the Red River Rivalry — which I still think sounds inferior to its old name, the Red River Shootout — and it was disappointing. Our defense is good, but not good enough to win games by themselves. Our offense and special teams are a joke this year. I can't believe we started the most important and boisterous game of the year with two horizontal passes that netted us -2 yards each. Did you notice how, on third downs, our routes were always well-shy of the first down? What the hell is wrong with our team? Here are some fun stats, courtesy of Burnt Orange Nation:
  • 8 -- number of times Texas faced a third down of eight or more yards.
  • 6 -- number of times that Garrett Gilbert completed passes short of the first down marker on third down.
What does that say about our team? What about the fact that after DJ Monroe scored a 60+ yard touchdown, he only had 3 more touches the rest of the game? It's really beyond me what's going on.

That's enough about the game. Saturday night we went to see Justin's show at Dizzy Rooster. Show was both good and expectedly loud, so I brought my ear plugs. Much to my surprise, after the show the music blaring out of the bar's sound system was even louder. No wonder today's youth are going deaf.

Sunday was filled with errands, chores, and football.

This week is another, even busier week. I have class on Tuesday, kickball on Wednesday, a makeup class on Thursday, followed by three days of ACL! I'm excited about ACL, but I have to get to the weekend first.