Sunday, December 5, 2010

p90x - 2 weeks down

I am now done with the first 16 days of P90X. So far, so good.

I've gained approximately 4 pounds, and obviously that is attributed to my focus on [slightly] better diet and more calories via added protein shakes and meals/snacks.

I had a couple of "weak" days this past week, where I had to stop about 15-20 mins early because I simply ran out of energy. With my hyperactive metabolism, I have to make sure I have enough carbs in me by workout time, otherwise I will burn through my energy and start fatiguing. It gets hard to balance, because I have to worry about making sure I have enough available energy to burn, but without eating so close to my workout that bad things happen. I think the sweet spot is a good carb meal about 2 hours before workout, and an energy bar right before or throughout my workout.

I'm able to push myself more and more in my workouts these days, because I'm learning to slowly overcome the mental blocks in your mind telling you to stop. A big key to pushing yourself in P90X is taking mini-breaks in the middle of your set. For example, if you feel like you're on your last rep for pushups, rest for a few seconds before you go down for your last rep, and you might be pleasantly surprised that you can push out an extra rep or two.

Once I'm done with this week, I will be on my "recovery" week for phase 1. The recovery week basically omits the strength training and plyometric routines, and replaces them with yoga, stretching, etc.

For this coming week and the past two, I've done the following:
Sat - Chest+Back, Ab Ripper X
Sun - Plyometrics
Mon - Shoulders+Arms, Ab Ripper X
Tues - Yoga X
Wed - Legs+Back, Ab Ripper X
Thurs - Kenpo X
Fri - Rest

Next week, starting next Saturday, I will be "recovering" with this routine:

Sat - Yoga X
Sun - Core Synergistics
Mon - Kenpo X
Tues - X Stretch
Wed - Core Synergistics
Thurs - Yoga X
Fri - Rest

I'm so close to phase 2... but still 74 days to go.