Tuesday, March 29, 2011

the final countdown

The rumor is that the hammer will striketh at my work by 4/14/2011. I've been wavering between confident and worried, but again I'm feeling confident. It's not going to be pretty, because I think we're losing a lot of people, but it is what it is. If I survive, I will be grateful. Unfortunately I have about 2.5 more weeks to wait, potentially.

In other news, I had a fun weekend. Friday night I went out with Taylor, Ellen, Anna, and crew to the Pulp Fiction Quote-Along. It had been a while since I'd seen Pulp Fiction, and I forgot how awesome it was. I mean, I know it's an awesome movie, but I forgot all the different scenes of awesome, and definitely forgot about all the awesome dialog. I'm glad we went, and we got some free cap guns out of it!

Saturday night was our Decades party, and by Saturday morning I still had no idea what I was going to dress up as. Taylor and I went to Lucy in Disguise to find some costumes. I had been in there before, but I had never actually looked around for a costume there. There selection is sweet, and you can rent or buy the costumes, which is convenience. We both got 80s costumes, mine being 80s punk rock-ish. You'll have to check Facebook for them, because I don't have the pictures.

After a brief rendezvous with the family for dinner, I went to the house and got ready for the party. The party itself was fun, albeit filled with a little bit of drama. We had a keg, liquor, darts, beer pong, and a fair amount of people. I hit the sack around 3:30 AM.

Sunday was a much needed recovery day, which wasn't filled with very much at all.

Finally, we have yesterday. Nothing to highlight except our football game. Coming off a big win, we were unsure of how we would match against a team who was also 1-1, like us. After a tough start where they went up 7-0 immediately, we recovered remarkably. We scored 7 unanswered touchdowns, and won the game 49-8. I had a couple good runs and one good defensive play, but didn't do much this game which is okay. Our other teammates are good and we had a ton of interceptions, which is what killed them. We held them on the 5 yard line for 3 or 4 consecutive downs, and got the turnover. Now we are 2-1, and have a game against a winless team next week. No upsets, please.