Monday, June 7, 2010

The new iPhone is here!

Details can be found here

Basically, here are the major selling points:
  • New, more powerful A4 processor
  • Crazy-high resolution screen
  • New form-factor (stainless steel edges used as an antenna to improve signal)
  • Support for wireless N
  • iPhone 4 OS, which includes a type of multitasking, among other things
I expected I'd get this phone, but I didn't expect that I'd get it around its release date, June 24.  Why?  I am only one year into my two year contract.  However, Apple and AT&T are offering "early" upgrades for anyone eligible for an upgrade in 2010, which I am (in September).  I'm not a big fan of Apple or AT&T, but the truth is that there isn't a smartphone out there as good as the iPhone... yet.  I'm hoping the Android phones catch up, and they seem to be, but it probably won't be for another couple years until they are strong competition.

Why do I want this phone?  Well, that's a silly question; it's a nice-ass phone!  Do I need this phone?  No, I don't need it.  However, if there is one thing I use all the time (that isn't my computer), it's my iPhone.  My iPhone is the 3G model, which is now two generations old (the new one is the iPhone 4, and last year's was the iPhone 3GS). It is running an older processor which already bogs down sometimes when doing different things.  Also, it won't get all the features that are being rolled out by the new iPhone 4 OS update.  Since I'm not really paying extra for an "early" upgrade (well, technically $18), I figure I might as well just do it now, instead of September.  I use my phone a lot, and enough in my opinion to justify $199 for a much improved version (speed and otherwise).  I'm not thrilled about being locked to AT&T for another two years, but if I end up hating them that bad in the next year or so, I will just pay the early termination fee and leave.

What does that mean to you?  Nothing, unless you want an old iPhone 3G!  If you already have an AT&T plan, it might only cost you an extra $15 a month for their cheap data plan to switch to an iPhone.  I don't think you'd have to make any other changes, but I'm not an AT&T rep so I don't know for sure.  If you're interested in my old iPhone, let me know, since there isn't much else I can do with it.