Sunday, April 18, 2010

World opinion of US increases

This is mostly a test post, I'm trying to figure out what this link stuff is all about.

But it's interesting that according to a BBC World poll (which I think I've linked?), the opinion of the US has gone up a lot the last year.  I say that it's interesting because living here in the US, I feel like it's the opposite.  I think that's a testament to what the media chooses to broadcast.

edit: I figured it out.  The link is the post title, which is confusing because how can you really tell unless you happen to highlight over it?


  1. i had no idea you could do that, and yet it is a convenient way of hiding secret links to only the best of followers... kinda like the mouseover text for xkcd


  2. yeah but what if I don't want it to be a secret :(