Sunday, April 18, 2010

Links of the day/whenever

I visit a lot of web pages throughout the day (mostly weekdays... I wonder why).  I will share with you my favorites.

Library of Congress to archive every single tweet
The question is, why?  Is Twitter that important?  Seems like a waste of money and resources for 99% garbage. But the good news is, in 50 years when I'm curious about my tweets, I can go to the LoC and look them up.

Rumored pictures of the new iPhone 4G
Looks pretty cool, not gonna lie. But I think I can wait another year for my contract to expire.  Then, hopefully Verizon will have the iPhone and I can go back to them.  Or better yet, there can finally be a good Android phone out there (we're getting close!).

The Big Picture - Chinese Earthquake
Great, yet somber photography of the aftermath of the Chinese earthquake.

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