Thursday, May 26, 2011

run baby run

It's hot as hell already, so I waited until 9:30 to go out and run. It cooled down to the mid 80s which is a lot more tolerable than the 99 degrees it was when I came home.

I walked around my neighborhood for a few minutes to warm up (with some various leg raises and stuff thrown in to get my heart rate up), then went on my journey. Started off a bit rocky but not terrible, and after about a half-mile my endorphins kicked in and it was more pleasant. After my run, I cooled down with a walk for a quarter mile or so. I missed a street turn somewhere, so my already random route got more random, but I ended up running about 1.5-1.6 miles, and walking the remainder at the beginning and end to total approximately 2.28 miles.

With the miracle of technology, I was able to use an iPhone app to generate the following:

It uses GPS and Google Maps to calculate distance, pace, etc. Since I didn't know how the app works, I included my walks in there but it skewed my running pace. Next time I'll only have it track my run and not my walks, so I can see what kind of a running pace I have. I'm aiming for around 8-9 minute mile, if possible.

Since I obviously won't be posting anytime I run, if you're curious about my progress aside from my occasional updates, you can see my profile here:

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