Thursday, April 28, 2011

another late post

It's a downward spiral effect. The longer I wait to post, the less motivated I am to post because I have to write more to catch everybody up. I need to get back on the ball with this...

The highlight of last weekend for me was my prime rib adventure on Sunday. I bought a ~4 lb prime rib that cost me about $43, and I needed to cook it correctly the first time so all that cash didn't go to waste. I followed the recipe from Serious Eats (and for those who are interested in a little food science, you can read the article on how the recipe came to be), and everything turned out better than expected. The meat came out a glorious reddish-pink and juicy. In fact, here's a snapshot:

It was quite literally the best [homemade] steak I've ever had. Since a majority of the steak was medium rare, as opposed to a small 1/2"-1" strip of medium rare in most steak cuts, it was very tender. I almost want to do this more often, except that it costs a buttload of money.

On Monday, we had our flag football playoffs and it did not go well. We lost out on our first game, but just as well. They were doing the whole playoff bracket in one day, meaning that some teams could have up to four back-to-back games. That seems a bit intense and crazy to me, but ended up being a moot point for us.

Tuesday was the penultimate day of class for the one I'm taking this semester, which is nice. After next week, I won't have anymore late days because all sports and classes will be over... at least until June. After class, Andy and I went to help out Taylor's kickball team because they were a tiny bit shorthanded. It was a good game, but unfortunately I screwed up in the outfield which led to a grand slam. A GRAND SLAM! Son of a bitch. We ended up losing 13-8. I might help them out one or two more times this season.

Things are going strong at work for me after having to take up extra responsibilities and tasks because of our reduction. Let's hope this will be the last set of layoffs for a while.

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