Monday, March 14, 2011

it's been awhile

If the title to this post made you think of that crappy Staind song, then mission accomplished. Otherwise, I'm sure you're thinking of it now.

Let's get to it! Hope you're ready for a looooooooong update. Actually I'm going to summarize as much as possible, since some of this stuff is almost two weeks old.

Shitty drivers
Two Wednsedays ago, I was driving me and Andy back from work and we were stopped at a light. We were just sitting there talking, when all of the sudden my car lurched forward. I was very confused for the briefest of moments, looking around to see if I had somehow knocked it into a weird gear or I wasn't holding the brake properly. Then I looked at my rear view mirror and immediately realized what happened — a dumbass [woman] cruised right into the back of my car even though we were both stopped at a stoplight. Luckily there was no damage at all, but seriously? Judging based on the force of the impact, my guess is that she was stopped behind me and then thought that it was time to go. Why worry about the fact that no one is actually going yet? A car in your way? Pffft. Just drive. And that's what she did, right into the back of my car.

First Thursday
March 3 was the First Thursday for March. I went out with coworkers downtown-ish on South Congress and we went to Doc's, Hotel San Jose, and attempted to eat at the trailers. However, for reasons beyond me, they all were closed down even though it was only 10pm on First Thursday. Lame. We went to Homeslice instead for pizzas.

That Saturday (March 5), Taylor and I had signed up for Urbandare. We were looking forward to participating until the day ended up being a bit shitty for our tastes. Additionally, I was exhausted because I wasn't able to sleep well the previous night. So instead, I took a 2 hour nap. Hurray for sleep.

MS 150 Fundraiser @ Taco Deli
That night (Saturday night, March 5), I was invited to an MS150 fundraiser by one of my bosses. They had free Taco Deli buffet-style, free beer out of a keg, a silent auction, live music, and a live auction. It was fun, but it was outdoors at it was in the 50's that night. We stayed for a couple hours, and I actually won two items: an American flag blanket w/ my work's slogan on it, and a football signed for Mack Brown (for Travis's birthday present).

Flag Football returns
If you remember, about two years ago we had signed up for a flag football team over the summer. It was disastrous on many levels: the temperature, the suckiness of our team, etc. Well we're giving it another go this spring. In fact, our first game is tonight. We have 8 guys, 6 girls, and a whole lot of potential — mostly because I know nothing about our team. Let's see how we do this season!

That's all I have in me right now; this took took too much effort.

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