Wednesday, January 5, 2011

welcome to 2011

Thank You!

Application Submitted

Thank you for submitting your resume/application to █████████. If there is a match between your information and an opportunity at our company, we will contact you. We appreciate your interest in our company.
Well, I've officially applied for that new position as of today. In asking around about the position and working on my résumé, I've managed to get myself excited about this position. I've put in some effort in my application, and at this point I do hope I get the job. I will be disappointed if I don't, but I will get over it rather quickly. There are some key concerns that I have yet to get addressed, however, which would make-or-break the deal for me. For instance, it's not 100% guaranteed that this position will be based in Austin. I'm willing to travel but I am not willing to move. Austin is my forever-home.

Moving on...

My last post was before my Christmas break. Let's do a little recap, shall we? My time off was mostly uneventful, consisting of many hours of Left 4 Dead 2. I thoroughly enjoyed those hours, too. In between Left 4 Dead 2 games, I managed to spend some time with the family on Christmas Day and the following night. We did gift exchanges and ate some good food. Mundi's girls have really taken a liking to me, which is both good and bad. Nah, I'm kidding it's not really bad, but they like to play rough. They climb and jump all over me. Good thing I'm all buff now because of P90X, right?

Speaking of P90X, I've been officially "on break" from P90X for about a week now. No, I haven't given up. I got sick about a week ago with some sort of cold/sore throat, and I haven't felt great. I did a little browsing on the P90X message boards and confirmed that it's not worth it to continue working out while sick. Exercise helps boost your immune system, but while you're sick exercise can actually hinder your immune system. I'd much rather get well sooner. I'm just about over my cold now, so I'll probably be back on my game here in the next day or two.

Some other good came out of the last week, too. It's a bit too personal to talk about openly on my blog, but let's just say someone told someone something, and everything went better than expected. All you need to know is that it's great news.

That's really about all I have to add for the last 10 or so days. I wasn't lying when I said I played a lot of Left 4 Dead 2. Wish me luck for that new position, and I hope to have some good news for you guys here in the next month.

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  1. Dear Michael,

    Thanks for not warning me about how addictive NCAA 11 is. I literally played it all weekend, stopping only to eat and sleep. My piles of un-laundered clothes and sink full of dishes salute you.

    - Sush