Wednesday, January 26, 2011

action-packed weekend

Well, most of the action-packing was done on Saturday.

My days at work have been busy, which is good because it makes the days go by quickly. Still no word on that job, but I've mostly moved on by this point.

Taylor had the weekend off, so we had planned on going to play disc golf Saturday around noon. The group consisted of me, her, Justin, Andy, Kelcey, and Mark. We decided on going to the park way down south (the same one that I went to a few weeks ago), but we stopped at Disc Nation right before we went, since it was just a few blocks away. Disc Nation had hundreds of discs. It was pretty crazy. They also had a pretty solid used collection which ranged from $1-4. I bought a couple new ones, though, to start my "collection."

After grabbing some extra discs, we headed to the park, practiced for a half hour at their practice basket, and then started our 18 hole journey into the woods. We all did roughly the same, except for Justin who spanked us all. I have a bad tendency to throw the disc as hard as I can, which causes the discs to go far, but too high. Once they get fairly high up, they have a strong tendency to float off into the woods. I almost lost my disc a couple times, but luckily because it's a neon yellow color, I was able to find it both times. Mark wasn't as lucky, and lost one of his white discs. Overall we had a fun time, and I hope to play again sometime soon.

That night, Justin had a show at Quinn's in Round Rock. He has asked me previously if I would take some pictures at their show with my DSLR, but he was hinting at future shows. I decided to take my camera to this show to get a feel for the exposures, and ended up taking roughly 150 pictures. I was unusually proud of some of the shots, but also overly critical, too. The lighting at Quinn's was unusual, and fairly dim for a camera, so it was difficult getting a focused, well-exposed shot without the flash. I didn't want to use the flash because it didn't give you as "intimate" of a picture, and completely removed you from the atmosphere that they were playing in (dim lighting). You can see some of the pictures at their band's album here:

In other news, today I start my recovery week for P90X, Phase 2. After this week, I'll be entering my final month of P90X. It's about time, too. I was hoping that once I got into the rhythm of things that P90X would be less of a chore. Unfortunately, that was never the case. Everyday, I begrudgingly started that day's routine, and I never got to the point where I was looking forward to the next one. There were more than a few instances where I felt like I had a good workout and was happy to have done it, but that feeling never carried through to the next day.

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