Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Falling behind

I don't feel like I've been all that busy the past week, but I suppose I have been. Sorry I haven't updated this in a while. I won't get back in gear until this weekend, probably, because this week is also slightly busy. I have class Tuesday and Thursday from 4-7, and a kickball game Wednesday night.

Speaking of which, did I even mention that I'm taking a class? It's sponsored by my work and the University of New Hampshire, and it's a course in Software Systems Engineering. Yes, it's about as exciting as it sounds — not. The class is a real college course, so it's 3 hours once a week with a midterm and a final, and it goes through mid-December. I regret signing up for it; my mind does not want to be in any sort of school-mode. Oh well, I'll survive.

I made another recipe last night, shrimp scampi. It was good, but I don't think I cooked it as well as I could have. It's a learning process, I suppose. Now that I look at the comments on that recipe website, I do agree that it could have used some lemon and butter. Also, there was a tip about letting the floured shrimp sit in the fridge for a bit; that might have helped the flour stick to the shrimp better when sautéing. I haven't decided on my next recipe, but I'm feeling something steaky. Perhaps a skirt steak salad? Mmm, sounds good.

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