Friday, July 16, 2010

welcome to the wonderful world of friday

It's Friday!

Let's get down to business. We had a double-header for kickball on Wednesday, and unfortunately we lost both. However, they were what I consider "good" losses - 8-9 and 8-13. Both games were close right up until the end, and we played very well despite losing.

We also had a double-header for softball, but we had 45 minutes in between our two games, instead of immediately back-to-back. Our softball team's roster consists of 19 players, and yet we somehow managed to only have 8 show up for our first game. That means that we were short 2 players from the normal amount you have on the field, so we combined short stop and third base into one position, and had only 3 outfielders instead of 2. The team we played was good, but they didn't understand that the game was over when they were up 11-2, and they kept trying really hard throughout the rest of the game.

Now, I'm not one to really complain about people being competitive, but let's look at the facts here. We only had 8 players, meaning we had people doubling up positions and no one was getting breaks. Also, we were clearly going to lose. At that point, is it really necessary to keep trying to kick our ass? We ended up losing 4-12. During our 45 minute break in between the two games, we stayed and watched as they played another team that was as bad as us. They were even more unnecessarily overly-competitive against this team. By the third inning, they were up 18-0. You read that right, eighteen to zero. You know what they were doing? They were still running and diving for fly balls like it was life or death. Listen guys, when you are up 18 points after about 15 minutes of play, you no longer have to give 100% effort. Need I remind everyone that this is a "super-social" league, which according to the Austin SSC website, is a league "for players with limited softball skills." What that translates to is, "when you are kicking a team's ass by 18-0, you no longer have to dive to catch fly balls, assholes." Not to mention that they were still hustling at full speed and throwing fastballs to first base to get out poor people who never had a chance to get to the base to begin with. At least they weren't verbal assholes, like other teams we've run into.

Taylor actually played in that game, because the team who got their ass kicked needed an extra player. Also, after our second game, another team needed two more so me and her joined that team, too. I ended up playing 3 softball games, while Taylor played 4. Intense.

In motorcycle-related news, I have attached my new clutch cable, but my battery is now dead. It is clear that my battery can't hold a charge very well, but what is the cause: poor acid levels, or keeping it hooked up for 6 months while I was storing my bike and not riding it? Either way, I need to resolve the issue. I also made the big purchase yesterday and grabbed all (or almost all) the new parts I'm going to need. It's going to come to about $500 in parts, plus however much in labor for whatever I take to the shop (like the new tires, for example). Wish me luck!

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