Monday, June 28, 2010

these weekly updates are long

Maybe I should go back to doing semi-daily updates, instead of piling up an entire week's worth into one post. So... lazy...

Last time we spoke (yes I know we're not actually having a conversation right now), I was telling you about how busy my upcoming week was going to be. Well, all that has passed now, and I have some updates for you! Let's get started, shall we?

Wednesday, or better known as kickball day, was a good day. First, my iPhone 4 came in, and a whole day early, too! It's very pretty, and the new high resolution screen is pretty intense. If you aren't used to looking at an older iPhone screen, you might not notice the difference, but it's pretty incredible honestly. The text is very sharp and smooth.

The other good part of the day was our kickball game. What is going on with my eyes in this picture? Click for a larger version:

Despite the picture, I was not the only one possessed by kickball demons that night, as we won 17-4. It was pretty much domination. So much, in fact, that we started to feel bad and really gave up on the last inning, but they still couldn't get many runs. In their defense, not only was it their first day playing kickball as a team, but they had a double-header that night and we were their second game. Oh well, I still felt good about our game, even if it was against a weak opponent. 17 is hard to get, even against a crappier team.

Thursday was not as good, at least when it came to softball. The good part was that it was the end of the work week for me, so I hit my weekend at the end of the day. The bad news is that we lost our softball game pretty bad, 15-2. Now we know what it feels like to be on the other side of the coin.

We weren't very good that day, but I think more importantly, the other team was very good. Our offense and defense were about on par with what I would call "beginner" level, and I felt like we played about how a super-social (aka "beginner" league) team should. Note the italics. I say "should" because unfortunately there's really no rhyme or reason to how good or bad teams are in these leagues. The teams that are overly competitive and/or know they're really good generally go into the social leagues, designed for non-beginners. Everyone else goes into super-social, because they don't know how good they are or because they don't want to go up against really good teams every week. That's not really to blame those teams, but rather I think the system kind of sucks; it's not very favorable to true, honest-to-goodness beginner teams. For example, take our kickball team last night, when we won 17-4. I don't think we're the best team at all, and in fact we lost last week 10-4 to a team that I thought was much better. The variance in skill can be huge. In my opinion, what would happen in an ideal league is that the teams have some sort of "tryout" or "scrimmage" at the beginning, and the league places them into their worthy skill level league. Another alternative would be to split the tiers from two into three, so they can have one true "beginner" league, an "intermediate" league, and then their "competitive" league. That way, the teams (like us in kickball) that know they're good but don't want to go up against the best-of-the-best every week can go into the intermediate league, without punishing the beginner teams out there.

I went off on a huge tangent there, but the reason was that I thought the other team was really good. Almost every guy who went up to bat was able to hit it deep into the outfield. To contrast, we had maybe a handful of hits that went into the outfield for us. Their hitting was VERY good, and our fielding was pretty bad. All those deep outfield hits got past our outfielders, so most of the time we were scrambling for the ball while they got the easy run (or runs). We are definitely new to the softball world, and need some work. In the next two weeks, Justin will be MIA so I will have to step up as pitcher. It should be interesting.

Friday was mostly a relaxation day for me. I played video games, and beyond that I don't even remember anymore. Friday night was initially going to be date night for me and Taylor, but we pushed that to Saturday. I went out with some of the interns from work, instead, because the lone intern from Fort Worth was in town to visit family. We went to Peter Pan's minigolf, which was fun as you'd expect (and the place is BYOB). Afterwards, we took a short walk to P. Terry's for some delicious-as-always burgers. The night ended at about midnight for me, when I got back home and it was dark and quiet (people were either out or asleep).

Saturday was world cup soccer day, which didn't end well. It's okay, I got a pretty good buzz out of the beers I was drinking. Of course it would have been a better buzz had we come out with a victory. Too many missed opportunities, so I can't say we deserved to win. The teams that deserve to win are the ones who capitalize on their opportunities, and don't make dumb mistakes.

Saturday night, I took Taylor out to Perry's Steakhouse, which was good, but not great. Everything was great, except our steaks were both overcooked (my medium rare ended up more medium, but Taylor's ended up medium well). Considering the steaks were the main part of the meal, I had to drop the rating from "great" to "good." Everything else was really good, and we ended the night with crème brûlée, which is quickly turning into my favorite dessert. We went back to her apartment and played Just Dance so she could try it out (no comment). Early night again, because she had to get up at 5:30 to get ready for work.

Sunday was another fun relaxation day. Since we went to bed early, I somehow managed to wake up on my own at 7:45. That gave me time to eat breakfast, sit around, and catch the Germany-England game at 9am. England got robbed on that second goal, but it doesn't excuse the rest of their piss-poor playing. More video games, then Toy Story 3 that afternoon with my mom and Taylor. I liked it a lot. Pixar movies are always a treat.

The rest of the night I hung out with Taylor. That included listening to music, playing catch, giving her some first lessons on a motorcycle (lesson 1 - learning manual transmissions and starting from first gear), and BSG.  Sleep.

That's today, and I'm tired of writing so that's all. I need to start sharing news articles and other links again, b/c I enjoy doing that. However, I think more people who read are more interested in my recaps, which is why I've trailed off with those recently.

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