Thursday, May 20, 2010

These guys are dicks

It was a tough game through the 6th inning.  We were down 3-1.  Then the bullshit happened.  The ref said "2 outs" before Kari came up to kick, and some of us were a bit confused.  She got out, and that was 3 outs.  People came off the field, then we went to the ref.  We showed him our lineup, showed that it was impossible for us to have 3 outs and we only had 2.  He eventually acknowledged that he made a mistake, but there was nothing he could do about it now.  Oh really?  Apparently once everyone comes off the field, the inning is over and it is LITERALLY IMPOSSIBLE FOR PEOPLE TO GO BACK TO THE BASES.  Okay, he messed up, it sucks but it happens.  I was still cool until the other team opened their god damn mouths.

While we were pleading our case with the refs, a couple members of the other team were standing right there listening.  I guess I was overly optimistic, because I figured they would hear that a mistake was made, and offer to right the game by replaying the last out.  Nope.  Instead, they turned to us and said "you guys should have said something when he said two outs" (it's hard to convey in this post, but he had attitude in his voice).  You know what, fuck off.  The ref already admitted he made a mistake and you guys are up 3-1, so why are you going to come and blame us for a ref mistake?  Oh I get it, because you don't give two shits about whether you guys win fair or not, and you only care about the win.  Thanks for the awesome sportsmanship.  The 7th inning went by quickly, no one scored.  However the same guy who opened his big fucking mouth earlier had the audacity to shout and mock us some more.  Something happened on the field, I forget what, but they yelled at the ref to clarify/correct.  Then he yelled out so everyone could hear, in a really sarcastic voice, "we just wanted to correct something when the mistake was made," clearly taking a jab at us not correcting the extra out earlier.  Fuck you again.

On top of that, they had this dude who was, I swear to god, like a professional kickball pitcher.  He was pitching that ball at like 90mph or something ridiculous.  He's not in the team picture above.  Is he even on the roster?  I'm betting not, because their team was 2-2-1 before playing us.  There is no way, with that pitcher, they are only 2-2-1.  I think that they got him to play for our game, without officially being on their team.

I was perfectly OK with losing to them up until the 6th inning. It was a tough game, and we both got to 3-1 fairly (except for the fact that the pitcher was ridiculous).  Then a mistake was made, and instead of being good sports and either a) allowing us to go back and replay the last out for a fair game, or b) just shutting their damn mouths instead of rubbing salt in the wound, they went with c) be obnoxious and add insult to our injury.

Note: The dick is the guy in the front row, middle of the picture taking a knee.  He just looks like a dick, doesn't he?

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  1. I can concour to just about everything said here.

    I didn't see or hear that guy being a dick much, but I'm sure it happened. So much for being super social...