Thursday, April 22, 2010

third base with your mom, game 2!

We had our second kickball game last night, against the Underachievers who beat their first opponent 12-3.  Some of us were worried that they were going to be a tough opponent.  Pffft, I knew better!

We dominated most of the game, winning 8-2.  In reality, the score should have been 9-2 because the ref forgot to tally one of our runs.  I went and tried to explain that to him, and he was about to agree with me when some girl on the other team contradicted me.  We all knew we didn't get the point, but the ref then agreed with the other team, thinking that he did in fact update the score.  WRONG.

No big deal though, it didn't end up mattering at the end.  I can't contain my competitive fire though, I will argue over everything.  Sometimes I feel bad because it's a super social league and it's just supposed to be for fun, but I can't help it.

Also, I think we should all get in the habit of stretching before the games.  Unfortunately, Taylor pulled a muscle right off the bat when running her bases.  She still played hard the rest of the game, but it probably would have been more enjoyable if she hadn't pulled a muscle.  Last season, we had a couple injuries, too, because of the lack of stretching.  Maybe one day we will learn?  I'm going to try to remember for the next game.

Finally, shout out to Mark for helping us out by replacing one of our team members.  I think he enjoyed it, and will be more willing to join our leagues in the future.

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