Monday, April 26, 2010

Is being a good Samaritan worth it?

New York passers-by leave good Samaritan to die

I've read some similar stories, and it makes me both sad and angry at how seemingly selfish some people can be.  If you're walking down the street and see a man keeled over in his own blood, how can you just ignore him? Does this kind of stuff happen in NYC so often that people just ignore it now? I can't imagine, but I also can't rationalize their actions anyways.

The story tells of a homeless man who saved a woman from an attack, and got stabbed in the process. My immediate reaction is, what happened to the woman? Did she not notice that he got stabbed several times, so she didn't bother to call 911?

My only guess is that the passer-by's just didn't notice he was stabbed, and assumed he was a passed out homeless guy, even though he was apparently lying in a pool of blood. I would hope that here in Austin we have a bit more remorse for homeless people, given that we have famous ones.

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  1. That is so damn ridiculous. Maybe everybody was too busy looking at their black-berry or iphone. Or wait, it could have been the ipad since it's so large, they couldn't see the puddle of blood around its large shiny screen.

    On the other hand, New York is pretty grungy, so the blood might have fit into the scenery.