Thursday, April 29, 2010

game 3, great success!

We secured our third kickball victory last night, bringing us up to 3-0.  Undefeated baby!

We started off poorly, we made a couple mistakes at the start of the game which cost us 2 runs. We rebounded quickly, scoring 7 runs immediately afterward. We ended up winning 10-3, but honestly I'd say only half of those runs were actually earned by us. The other half was due to their pitchers constantly walking us.

Their first pitcher, who pitched the first couple innings before pulling himself, kept pitching it terribly. He knew what he was doing wrong, but he continued to try to do it anyways, as if the ref would magically start calling strikes. In kickball, since you pitch by rolling the ball on the ground, simply getting it over home plate is not enough. If it bounces over a foot over home plate, that is also considered a ball. This prevents the pitches from being overly bouncy and really hard to kick. He kept on pitching them way too bouncy, and he walked several people. Fine by me! They eventually caught on, but we had already pulled away by the end of the first inning, 7-2.

The rest of the game wasn't as exciting, but still fun. At one point, I was up to kick with 2 outs and 2 people on base. I wanted to sail it over third base, down the base line because they looked like they had a weakness over there. I kicked it and it went exactly where I wanted... except one foot foul. Son of a bitch! I was really proud of myself, too, because I kicked it almost exactly how I wanted. Nevertheless, it didn't count, and my re-kick went straight up in the air and got caught for an out. Dammit.

Afterwards, we went to Doc's for some drinks, and we learned how to play "Hook-ers", which isn't really even a game, but fun anyways. It's a ring tied to a string, and you have to swing it and get it on a hook. Since I know that doesn't make sense, I found a website here which explains it (since I know you're all so very interested). It's harder than it looks, but once you get a feel for it, it becomes much easier.

Our schedule is actually pretty easy this season, with only one game against a team with a winning record (as of writing this). We should get into the playoffs without any trouble, but there are a couple teams in our league which are really good. We don't play them during the regular season, but if we get far enough into the playoffs, we'll probably have to play them. Wish us luck!

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